White Light // White Heat Premier Tadzio's new single "Death and The Lady"

We are super excited to share the new Tadzio track "Death and the Lady" which was premiered today by White Light // White Heat

"The dark, somber ballad, deftly coalescing warm neo-classical swells with whirring analogue electronic tones, amplifies the already pervasive uncanny qualities of the original, entails on the mysterious and persistent coexistence of life and death, amidst in an array of slightly dissonant, ominous, and penetrating sounds that wax and wane, with relentless hypnotic and droning intensity, echoing a clear, haunting voice that glides throughout with understated  passion and pain, simultaneously poignant and heartfelt and truly mesmerising in its agonizing tragic intensity and aching beauty. "

From singer Shaina Kapeluck

As a ballad singer I have always loved the “oh, shit” moment in a song -the tragic crux from which the protagonist knows there’s no turning back. This song is full of them. Talk with Death and you’ll hear little else. This song is old and there are many versions of it that I’ve recombined.“The young girl cut down in her prime” was about syphilis, as are“the streets of Laredo” and “St. James Infirmary Blues,” but the mother of all Western pleas with death finds its roots in the plague, which must have come as an especially awful shock coming as it did on the heels of the crusades.



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