Week In Pop premier the new Tadzio single "Pint of My Blood"

Tadzio share the euphorically pastoral new single "Pint Of My Blood" via Week In Pop off the upcoming double LP "That Cold Grey Light" which will be out June 26th on LP and Digitally.

"Pint of My Blood" sweeps in like an orchestral psalm of reflective meditation that conjures images of green pastures and breathtaking panoramas. Tadzio conveys sentiments of pain, struggle, victory, agony and a triumphant level of ecstasy that takes flight like a gigantic bird soaring through the overcast stratosphere. "Blood" stands at that gateway entrance where the song and the self meet in a manner that is sublime and lends a thought to the interplay between the creative’s own dialogue with their inner muse. The arrangement builds, bellows and roars like a modern symphony designed for the stage as well as ear buds and headphones to occupy the amphitheater of our imagination." - Week In Pop



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