Post-trash premiers new Nyxy Nyx single "Three-Fold Return"

Holy Crow! We could not be more jazzed to be sharing the first single by Nyxy Nyx "Three-Fold Return" from Post-Trash.. I could talk forever about how Brian has been putting out more high quality amazing dustpop gems for the better part of 15 + years but i'd rather you just listen for yourself.  "To listen to certain people talk about Philadelphia’s Nyxy Nyx is the talk to legends. I’ve heard bands speak as though they were telling tall tales about the project and its enigmatic leader Brian Reichert... Sprawling lead single “Three-Fold Return” is a warm splatter of layers, both acoustic and electric, feeding back and strumming blissfuly in unison. It’s a landslide of texture without sonic overload, each fuzzy burst adding its own nuance before fading back in the hypnosis of it all." We couldn't agree more. Stream tha dream ya'll



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