Luna Honey Releases Debut Album, "Peace Will Grind You Down"

Read the review of Luna Honey's debut album in the Washington City Paper:

"Peace Will Grind You Down" is available for purchase on vinyl and on cd on Bandcamp

"Peace Will Grind You Down, the debut LP from D.C. quartet Luna Honey, does a great deal with very little. It’s the kind of record that’s perfect for an evening of introspection. Unlike a lot of the other more dance/pop-centric acts on BLIGHT. Records, Peace Will Grind You Down isn’t likely to draw anyone toward a dance floor. Anchored around the husband-and-wife duo of bassist Levi Flack and vocalist/guitarist Maura Pond, the band conjures the gothic, occasionally oppressive, and always beautiful atmosphere of musicians like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Swans. It’s the kind of spooky, minimalist music that’s great for zoning out while still offering enough twists and turns to warrant constant attention.
Peace Will Grind You Down is a damn dark sounding record, held together with low-end frequencies. But that darkness comes with a certain degree of light at the center. 'If you’re unfamiliar with dark-sounding music, you think it sounds really depressing and dark,' says guitarist Benjamin Schurr (Br’er, Swoll), 'but if you’re familiar with it, it sounds very holy and very spiritual.' This statement rings true, as many of the tracks draw heavily on drone music. Leaning on repetitive bass lines and sparse guitar work creates an almost meditative nature in many of the tracks, especially the titular 'Peace Will Grind You Down.'

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