First monthly BLIGHT.Records Spotify playlist

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Want a window into what the bands on BLIGHT are listening to? Follow us on Spotify and each month we’ll share a playlist of the music we love.

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Matthew Dowling of SWOLL:

Kristina, Natural Velvet

Born 2 Die, Natural Velvet

Another Weekend, Ariel Pink

Ben Usie of Bruisey Peets, Br'er:

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Beginner's Luck

Twain, Little Dog Mind

Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses, Galaxy Souls

Julie Odell, Goldfish

Big Thief, Mary

Johnny Fantastic of Stronger Sex, Br'er:

Conceptual Romance, Jenny Hval

The Golden Messenger, College

Brando, Scott Walker

Game of Chance, Bernsden

The Damned Don’t Cry, Visage

Kristie DiLascio of Loi Loi:

Sun Sports, Pollens

Overpowered, Róisín Murphy

Lake Ruth, “The Inconsolable Jean Claude”

KMFDM, “Murder My Heart”

Leah Gage of Stronger Sex:

Soothsaying, Laser Background

Winter Blues, Joyner Lucas

The Hype, Shopping

Instant Hit, The Slits

Runnin' Outta Luck, Alex Cameron

Benjamin Schurr of Br'er, SWOLL, Pree, Luna Honey:

Scum, Depeche Mode

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Nina Simone

Mulatu, Mulatu Astatke

Never Were the Way She Was, Colin Stetson

Maura Pond of Luna Honey:

Maximum Black, Bohren and Der Club of Gore

Vespers for a New Dark Age: III Interlude, Missy Mazzoli

Mother_Father, Swans

Kamchatcha Krai, Olga Bell

We All Die, Cat Power

Just Nothing, Peter Jefferies

Erik Sleight of Tolva, Br'er, Swoll:

Future Forever, Bjork

Levi Flack of Luna Honey:

The Rip, Portishead


Blind, Michael Gira

All The Money's Gone, These Immortal Souls

Nenet Nenet of Park Snakes:

Grey skies, Turquoise Days

When I Try, I’m Full by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Part-time Punks by Television Personalities



BLIGHT. records was formed to proliferate forward thinking radical art and music that focuses on the exploration of challenging new forms of sonic expression. 

© 2018 by BLIGHT.Records. 

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