BLIGHT.Makes Right Vol. II compilation released

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

BLIGHT.Records is proud to announce the second installment in our "BLIGHT. Makes Right" compilation series. Featuring exclusive tracks from BLIGHT. artists new and old, BMR Vol II is a singular, almost cinematic listening experience in which tracks blur and fade into one another for a linear musical experience.


The artists' unique, singular voices combine to paint a larger portrait of life in 2018, capturing the moment's zeitgeist into a time capsule and allowing the listener to enjoy each track within the context of the greater whole. Side A is more electronic/dance focused featuring BLIGHT. stalwarts Stronger Sex and Tölva along newcomers Crab Legs, Swoll and Loi Loi. while side B showcases more band-oriented artists lsuch as Br'er, Park Snakes, and Luna Honey.

BLIGHT.Makes Right Vol. II Track Listing:

1. Swoll - SET UP 2. Crab Legs - TIPPING POINT 3. Stronger Sex - HOMEWRECKER 4. Evilartform - OPIUM DEN 5. Flash Frequency - SHADOW 6. Loi Loi - BLACK WIDOW 7. Blacklodge +EM.G - DROPS 8. Tölva - NKNK 9. Br'er - NUMB 10. Another Heaven - Band - DAYLITE (REMIX) 11. Park Snakes - WEST COAST 12. Luna Honey - GOING FASTER 13. ROOMIE - GOING NOWHERE 14. Bruisey Peets - FRUSTRATION 15. THE DUCTS - GIVING UP




BLIGHT. records was formed to proliferate forward thinking radical art and music that focuses on the exploration of challenging new forms of sonic expression. 

© 2018 by BLIGHT.Records. 

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