Nyxy Nyx



Back before Ariel Pink was in the doldrums and when Mac DeMarco was in middle school, Brian Reichert was secretly making the most tripped out slimewave dust pop that very few outside of Philadelphia had ever heard.

At Reichert’s home in west Philadelphia, spools upon spools of burned CDs filled with unreleased and self-released music are jam-packed on every shelf. Reichert’s full discography is almost impossible to catalogue. For years, Reichert would change project names as often as albums were made, switching between names like Happybear Kaboom, Fun Tunnel, Sports, Tummy, Alien Beings, The Evildoers, Nervous System, and Brian Reichert & The Thomas Jefferson Airplane– eventually settling on Nyxy Nyx in 2014.

Reichert seems to constantly have his hand dipped in the subconscious realm of sonic inspiration that yields music that is simultaneously beautiful, hypnotic, terrifying and hilarious.


Magic Coffin Ride
BLIGHT.Records December 7, 2018

Magic Coffin Ride is the 10th release under the Nyxy Nyx moniker (started in 2014) and Reichert's most cohesive work yet. Thick walls of electric guitar fuzz juxtapose against chiming acoustic guitars allowing Reichert's sorrowful yet playful lyrics to float on top the hypnotic rhythms and psychedelic noises, both engaging and disorienting the listener.



BLIGHT. records was formed to proliferate forward thinking radical art and music that focuses on the exploration of challenging new forms of sonic expression. 

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