Laughing Man

Hailing from historic Washington, DC, Laughing Man blurs its own peculiar take on art-punk with old-school R&B and blues. The group pulls sounds from disparate sources--free jazz skronk, folky stomps, and unhinged garage rock. The soulful result thrives on contradiction, offering both hooks and agitation, melody and dissonance, tradition and futurism. With an album named after a landmark, interracial marriage, and with a new record based on a film about radical, black performance art, Laughing Man isn't shy about confronting America's anxieties. The band's chops and sheer charisma have landed it spots opening for acts like Wavves, Wale, Blk Jks, Ted Leo, The Love Language, and The Evens.


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Be Black Baby

 A commanding record, Laughing Man mixes punk attitude with clipped time signatures, dissonant chords, and social criticism. Their latest record Be Black Baby is inspired by a film about radical black performance art, and showcases a band that thrives on pushing buttons.

Released November 25, 2014 

Brandon Moses, Luke Stewart, Michael Harris, Janel Leppin, Anthony Pirog 

Guest Appearances/Creative Contributions: 
Michael Zapeda on "Brilliant Colors," Ben Schurr on "The Veri," Thomas Ogren on "Brilliant C
olors Interlude," Ryan Little on "Body Cop," Jeremy Schevling on "Body Cop," Eduardo Rivera on "Nagasaki" 

Engineered/Produced by: 
Kyle Downes, Thomas Ogren, Peter Larkin, Rick Irby, Ben Schurr, Ryan Little 

Mastered by TJ Lipple 

Cover Art by Sarah Rowe 

Special thanks to Tarek Mohamed



BLIGHT. records was formed to proliferate forward thinking radical art and music that focuses on the exploration of challenging new forms of sonic expression. 

© 2018 by BLIGHT.Records. 

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