Blacklodge is an experimental electronic project using eurorack modular synthesizers to create music with the intention of finding new frontiers of feeling through sound. The music of Blacklodge is often made in collaboration with others, in particular singer em.g. 


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Will You Be Reduced
Assassin Suite

(((Dip your toe into the pool of synth and human correspondence. Swim in the pulse and swallow the tonality. It may be a long exercise, but once you emerge, you can be rejuvenated and empowered. It’s just about how you choose to listen))) 

Released via BLIGHT RECORDS, featuring Blacklodge on eurorack modular synthesizers and em.g on vocals processed through the system.


released December 2, 2016 

Blacklodge - Eurorack Modular 
em.g - Processed Vocals



BLIGHT. records was formed to proliferate forward thinking radical art and music that focuses on the exploration of challenging new forms of sonic expression. 

© 2018 by BLIGHT.Records. 

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